How’s your day?! Really!

Kind of funny to ask the question and see how people reply to it. You can learn a lot about individuals outlooks in life based upon their response.

When people ask you this question I challenge everyone to respond in a way that only uplifts your day and your attitude.

When people ask me how my day is going, I tell them that I’m conquering the fuck out of the day, and then I’m gonna flip it over and finish!

Fuck replying like you’re “accepting” the hand of cards you’ve been dealt.

Control your hand of cards, and conquer the fuck out of your day!

Friends With Benefits

It’s pretty funny how people can perceive you personally as well as in business.

During my career I have met many individuals who simply were friendly under the notion of what they could get out of me or my firm professionally. After months and sometimes years of friendship certain things happen and you start to see the true colors of these people.

It becomes very clear when the pressure is turned up as to who is your friend, and who was simply occupying space with you to see what they could get out of you.

Personally, I prefer to work only with friends. We are a privately held firm and we need to align our cultures and beliefs with others, in order to develop that strong professional relationship.

It’s interesting how people crumble in the pressure cooker of life, and their true colors come out allowing you to see their true motivation.

To those of you that can’t handle the pressure cooker. Fuck you.

Try talking WITH someone!

Try talking with someone. Really, with someone. Not just at them, and have them reply with their thoughts, after you have spewed our your bullshit.

You hear all of these conversations all day around the office, and some people are better at digesting the force feeding of information than others. Most of the time when people start to feel like they’re being force fed this information, they buckle up and put up their communication walls. Then opposed to communicating, the “conversation” turns into a ping-pong match of bullshit and passive aggressive comments.

There are certain individuals in business you KNOW you have to communicate with certain ways in order to push through the sale, to progress the conversation, and so on. Those personalities are relevant in our personal lives as well, and if we are more mindful of them we will likely be better off.

Even if the other person is total bag of dicks that lacks all inherent human logic, have them talk it out and see where they’re coming from. Chances are you’ll let them talk themselves out of their bullshit web of beliefs, or you’ll find a new way of looking at things!

Know YOUR value. Be a Lion!

Too many times, more so than not we lose sight of our own worth.

Your main motivation and goal in life should always be you. Whatever defines “you” is up for definition, but your main drive is in life should be you. Whatever “you” is. “You” can be defined a million different ways, but for us it is primarily whatever encompasses our family & friends.

Know that putting “you” first will only result in a fruitful and lucrative life.

Anyone that tells you different, doesn’t understand, and they likely work a shitty 9-5 job slaving away for “the man”.

In a world full of sheep, be a lion. Lions don’t worry about the opinions of sheep.

Don’t be a pig! (Quick Reminder)

After just completing a business meeting this morning it seems like society needs a friendly reminder on how the world works. A swift kick in the ass.

A long time ago i had a boss tell me this: “Hogs get fat, pigs get slaughtered”

Sure it’s a bit out there, but think about it. In business if you get lazy, you’re being a pig and you’re going to get slaughtered. In your personal relationships if you get lazy and stop showing that you care, you’re going to get slaughtered.

Wouldn’t you rather be a hog that gets strong every day by improving your skill set? Improving your productivity. Making more sales. Making more money. Honing your skills every day, in turn making your daily tasks easier and easier…. Just improving your life every single day?

Don’t be a jackass. No matter where you are in life, apply this to your life in as many areas as possible, as you can only benefit from it.