Be Bold!

Being bold is often looked at as being pushy or being politically incorrect, and in most cases rude. In most all social circumstances the person who is the “outspoken” friend who says what they want and states their mind is the rude one or is also classified as the “bitchy girlfriend”.

Never in my professional experience have i encountered being bold as being a negative thing when it comes to pursing what you want. Think of all the big tech giants out there, and all of the greatest innovators of our generations, they all didn’t take no for an answer and they were bold.

Being bold can get you the meeting with the perspective client you’re looking for, get you the raise you’ve been wanting, or even provide you with the ability to get your child into the private school your wife has been eyeballing for years.

Never be afraid to be bold and get what you want no matter the setting or situation.

Being bold exudes confidence.

Be confident. Be bold.

Business Meeting Cluster F*ck

While in a meeting with our business partners today i am sitting down at the conference room table waiting for everyone to get there for our meeting to begin. So far, it’s me and two other ladies from a company we have been working with for years. These are also ladies who i have known for about 17 years personally so it is very much a positive start to our meeting. As we are waiting, more people star coming into the conference room like lost cattle wearing suits. During this time i use the somewhat quiet time to reply to emails from my laptop and catch up on the stuff i have been missing while stuck in here.

As i am sitting there at the conference room table, quietly replying to my work emails, i abruptly get hit across the forehead with something. I look up and one of the ladies i have been sitting with is hugging someone who just walked in the door. I feel a slight sting on forehead… To realize that when she went to hug another one of our business partners who just walked in, her long stripper nails AND diamond ring scratched my forehead!

When i say scratch, i don’t mean just a small surface scratch that’s red and goes away in twenty minutes… This f*cker starts to bleed! Minutes before my meeting starts. Of course.

Now, start the meeting with blood gushing out of my forehead.

What! The! Fuck! SMH.