Team Update 5/28/18

Sorry for not writing or contributing the page.

We have all been busy with work/travel/new kids/etc.

We will just be focusing and posting on Instagram for a few months until we get back in the swing of things!


Think like you’re RICH!

I am sure all of us can name a few of these people in our lives that thrive for the easy way out. A lot of us can relate to having the one employee that simply tries to do as little as possible, only caring about themselves, and not the additional burden then place on their co-workers.

Additionally, many of us know the parents that simply stick an iPad in front of their child and treat it like a babysitter, and then there’s those people that always seem to get tied up in “hard times” because of the life decisions they make.

No matter who the person is or the situations surrounding their “Easy out”, 95% of the time the easiest way out it actually the hardest and with the most consequences. The shitty employee will eventually have all of the other employees turn on them, the bad parent will eventually have a child with behavioral problems, and the individual with the “hard times” will keep having hard times because of their bullshit life decisions.

A long time ago a professor told me that the only difference between rich people and poor people was they way they looked at life. He told us this at the very beginning of the semester and we all looked at him like he was some sort of insensitive jerk-off with little or no compassion. Then as he began to teach the class, it turns out he was right…. Think about it. The only difference between rich people and poor people is the fact that the rich look at a problem and find a solution, they’re solutions people. They thrive on solutions as the solutions can make their lives easier, and their is a direct correlation to them finding a solution and them having the ability to make more money. Now think about the poor person, they simply accept a bad hand of cards, put their shoulders down and say “well, it’s just not my time”… Note: a really good way to spot this person is to look for the person that blames everyone else’s success on “luck”… It’s not luck when you make it for yourself!

The easy way is never taken by the rich, because they’re always looking for solutions. If the rich do have the means of taking the easy way, it’s because they’ve made it easy for themselves.

Never look for the easy way out, it will only begin to shape your character in a way that will keep you comfortably living paycheck-to-paycheck.

Good Ass Wine!

If there’s one thing that just about all mid-thirties housewives have in common, it’s wine.

No joke, all of our wives are thankfully stay at home moms, which before you judge is no easy task at all. The shit they have to deal with on a daily basis is beyond being reasonable to tolerate, and for some reason they can stick it out and manage.

If you’re looking for some great red wines to check out, look at The Federalist. Great variety, great price, and most of the time you can buy it online for a fraction the price you can get it in stores.

Well worth the money, and it’ll keep the wife happy!

“Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.” -Benjamin Franklin



Anti-Trump? Eh?…

Kind of odd to see so much back-lash over a President of the United States. As someone who does not particularly associate with one political party or another, I can see both sides of the argument. Overall, it does seem like no matter what side of the argument you are sitting on there are some insanely biased perceptions though which are kind of shitty for us use as our biases.

Let me give you some examples to hopefully stir the pot, for conversations sake from both sides and then a common sense bridge in the middle…

The Lefts: They’re always complaining saying that Trump is a racist money hungry bigot that doesn’t care about the people or the country.

The Rights: Say that trump is a patriot and is fighting for better tax reform, better benefits, and a stronger economy.

Common Sense: Trump doesn’t care what color you are. He has been very active in many civil rights venues in the 80’s and 90’s and we need to put the racist bullshit to bed. He likely has more black friends than you do.

The very person you are going to be bashing for 4 years, could be the same person that promotes tax reform and ensures that you take home more money on every paycheck to benefit you and your family.

All in all he is fighting for the country but is doing so in a light that casts a negative shadow because of his constant Twitter exposure and involvement in the social limelight.

Before we judge any presidency it is important for all of us of any race or ethnicity to judge a president’s term, on the term itself. Not on the days spent, but the close of the term.

I am all about judging idiots that post dumb shit on twitter and use poor grammatical choices, but…. As a person who doesn’t associate with one side or another… I will reserve my judging for another 3.5 years and see the state of the Country.

A little is worth a lot!

As a businessman, business owner, partner, and board member many times it is easy to let your logic get clouded with your own thoughts. 

Many times it is beyond beneficial for you to disconnect from yourself and connect to another. Perhaps take another perspective or take another look at something from someone else’s point of view.

Continually try to instill in yourself to view something from another perspective.

A little bit of respect for someone else’s opinion and the circumstances around someone else’s feelings can go a long way. 

Many times it even provides you with more solidification one way or another!

Labor Day – Who & Why

This past weekend we took our families out on the lake for a nice long weekend to simply cap off the summer in one last big bash. Here in the South though, there is this thing called “fall break”, which is honestly a bullshit school holiday where teachers and student get to take time off before a month and half of crunch time.

While on the lake you see all of the typical individuals you would expect. Everyone there is broken up into these categories…

  • Successful men that bought a family boat for their families to enjoy
  • Men that over-finances a boat for their families to enjoy
  • Rednecks that bought something for themselves to enjoy
  • Rental boaters who simply want to trash what everyone else has worked hard for

Labor day in itself has always been something that I have perceived as a nice break at the end of summer to celebrate some nice grind-time at the office. The first 3 categories of these boaters, i can say in some form or fashion do deserve to celebrate labor day….

There is one group of these boaters who simply are parasites and they always seems to be consistently the same types of people. The rental boaters are typically showing up with a group of about 8-16 individuals to rent a boat that can legally hold 7 people. The result is now two watercraft that have idiots driving them. Now, i understand some of you may be thinking why i call them such things, but when you show up to rent a boat and you’re sucking on a pacifier and you’re in your early 20’s…. You have no leg to stand on.

Typically, on the lake there’s the experienced boaters and then these rental folks who ruin it for everyone who come out rolling on molly with their 1-hitters in their pockets like they’re going to a 311 concert. I can appreciate both of those things, but when those things can cause harm to my family or put my family in danger, you can go fuck yourself.

It seems like every fucking weekend there’s the same TYPE of people showing up to rent boats, the same type of people who do not respect themselves to even begin respecting others, or other people’s property.

If they don’t respect themselves, how the hell can you expect them to respect someone else’s property or be mindful of someone else’s life?

Team Update!

So where the hell have all of us been?!

Traveling and working!

Two of us have been golfing every week for the past few months (which are our jobs) and then the others of us have been stuck in business meetings doing typical work bullshit however both have allowed us to collect a chunk of experiences to share with you!

Work has been decent as of late… typical clients that don’t understand, act like they do, ask questions, you answer honestly, then they try to screw you…. 

When in business did it become normal to screw your business or service provider? Did you know that nearly 5% of small business revenue is tied up in collections?! Not even ACTUAL REVENUE… cash money… Just ass jack clients that don’t want to pay their bills so they cost these companies more money…

Ask yourself what type of client you are being before asking ANYTHING of your contractor or service provider. You will likely change or tune or change the entire path of the conversation….

Think about it!! 

Not an OUNCE of compassion!

Living in a suburban time warp you meet a lot of people from all different strides of like, which honestly many of which have not come from great up-bringings. Not like they were homeless drug addicts, but most all of our neighbors “made it”. This is pretty common in our neighborhood, as we are all in our mid thirties / early forties and we really didn’t come from anything close to what we have now.

With that being said it is however quite interesting to see how these people raise their children with a complete lack of common sense and respect for people around them. It’s almost like children today are so fucking self-involved they cant dislodge their heads out of their asses (cell phones), to take a second and actually communicate and be a respectful member of society.

Given the nature of where we live, this is a very common these not just with our family, but other contributing members to this blog as well. We all kind of live in suburban areas of Greater Atlanta, and it’s actually pretty funny that no matter where you go… Kids will all be the same based upon how society is bringing up our children.

The unfortunate thing though is kids now are growing up to be worthless members of society that literally lack every ounce of self-worth and motivation that we all had growing up. Kids today are coming back home, living with mommy and daddy after college, getting kicked out of school, being disrespectful. This shit NEVER happened in the 80’s and 90’s!

These kids in today’s world are lacking an ass whooping and a lot of self worth.

Don’t get bit! The future is young!

Others (specifically individuals in their 40’s and older) are getting bit by this bug a lot lately and it’s pretty consistent across all industries and markets. No matter financial, government, technology, or even entertainment, this is consistent.

There are always a few people who judge books by their covers right out of the gate (old farts). Generally, this is the older generation that looks down on the 30-somethings because “we just don’t know” and “lack experience”, which I find to be the biggest crock of shit ever as myself am a 30-something who paid my own way thru college, works long hours, takes pride in my relationships, and treats the world with respect. I busted my ass and was dirt poor before I made it to where I am today, so that old fart attitude can f*ck off. 

It’s the younger generations forward thinking that is transforming the business world. It is the younger generations that are molding the tech industry. It is the younger generations that are sustaining these companies revenue streams by means of their forward thinking and aggressive sales tactics. 

This post comes from having to sit in a meeting with a businessman from Korea with his son sitting next to him. His son invented a particular technology all of the big technology companies are trying to buy and replicate. (You’ve seen it. Trust me. These big tech companies just don’t own the rights to it)

On the other side of the table was the most ignorant American businessman who said to the Korean dad and his genius inventor son, and I quote “we appreciate your dedication to your pet project but let the big boys take it from here”.

As someone who should not even have an opinion in this, I am sitting there thinking… If you’re such a big boy, why the hell didn’t you invent this?! You’re practically having to bribe a 16 year old KID and his dad for rights to his invention?! And you’re not the only one who wants to buy this damn thing… Long story short the cocky American businessman didn’t get the sale closed. 

I am sure this polite Korean man who was simply there to protect his son will be going to sell their invention to some other tech company. (Guaranteed actually)

Don’t be an ass and judge a book by its cover assuming you’re the one driving the boat, just because you’re older than whoever you’re talking to. Remember, that fancy iPhone and all of the convenient technologies you use were all invented by those younger ones that are shaping the future of industry and technology. 

Oh by the way… the Korean business man (kid’s dad) was late 30’s and they flew in on their G5 the night before our meeting with their attorneys.

Mr. American businessman (who was well into his 60’s) drove his Kia Sorento home that evening after losing the sale.