Anti-Trump? Eh?…

Kind of odd to see so much back-lash over a President of the United States. As someone who does not particularly associate with one political party or another, I can see both sides of the argument. Overall, it does seem like no matter what side of the argument you are sitting on there are some insanely biased perceptions though which are kind of shitty for us use as our biases.

Let me give you some examples to hopefully stir the pot, for conversations sake from both sides and then a common sense bridge in the middle…

The Lefts: They’re always complaining saying that Trump is a racist money hungry bigot that doesn’t care about the people or the country.

The Rights: Say that trump is a patriot and is fighting for better tax reform, better benefits, and a stronger economy.

Common Sense: Trump doesn’t care what color you are. He has been very active in many civil rights venues in the 80’s and 90’s and we need to put the racist bullshit to bed. He likely has more black friends than you do.

The very person you are going to be bashing for 4 years, could be the same person that promotes tax reform and ensures that you take home more money on every paycheck to benefit you and your family.

All in all he is fighting for the country but is doing so in a light that casts a negative shadow because of his constant Twitter exposure and involvement in the social limelight.

Before we judge any presidency it is important for all of us of any race or ethnicity to judge a president’s term, on the term itself. Not on the days spent, but the close of the term.

I am all about judging idiots that post dumb shit on twitter and use poor grammatical choices, but…. As a person who doesn’t associate with one side or another… I will reserve my judging for another 3.5 years and see the state of the Country.

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