Team Update!

So where the hell have all of us been?!

Traveling and working!

Two of us have been golfing every week for the past few months (which are our jobs) and then the others of us have been stuck in business meetings doing typical work bullshit however both have allowed us to collect a chunk of experiences to share with you!

Work has been decent as of late… typical clients that don’t understand, act like they do, ask questions, you answer honestly, then they try to screw you…. 

When in business did it become normal to screw your business or service provider? Did you know that nearly 5% of small business revenue is tied up in collections?! Not even ACTUAL REVENUE… cash money… Just ass jack clients that don’t want to pay their bills so they cost these companies more money…

Ask yourself what type of client you are being before asking ANYTHING of your contractor or service provider. You will likely change or tune or change the entire path of the conversation….

Think about it!!