Not an OUNCE of compassion!

Living in a suburban time warp you meet a lot of people from all different strides of like, which honestly many of which have not come from great up-bringings. Not like they were homeless drug addicts, but most all of our neighbors “made it”. This is pretty common in our neighborhood, as we are all in our mid thirties / early forties and we really didn’t come from anything close to what we have now.

With that being said it is however quite interesting to see how these people raise their children with a complete lack of common sense and respect for people around them. It’s almost like children today are so fucking self-involved they cant dislodge their heads out of their asses (cell phones), to take a second and actually communicate and be a respectful member of society.

Given the nature of where we live, this is a very common these not just with our family, but other contributing members to this blog as well. We all kind of live in suburban areas of Greater Atlanta, and it’s actually pretty funny that no matter where you go… Kids will all be the same based upon how society is bringing up our children.

The unfortunate thing though is kids now are growing up to be worthless members of society that literally lack every ounce of self-worth and motivation that we all had growing up. Kids today are coming back home, living with mommy and daddy after college, getting kicked out of school, being disrespectful. This shit NEVER happened in the 80’s and 90’s!

These kids in today’s world are lacking an ass whooping and a lot of self worth.

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