Fishing Trip Recommendations! Help!

Our group of friends are all big fishermen. Not big, but we like sitting on a boat while hammered drunk, and then give us a rod with a razor sharp hook on it… We are in heaven. Even better, let us sling that razor sharp hook thru the air while sitting in the middle of a river… Game on.

We are looking at putting together a fishing trip for a few guys (4-5) of us and escape with clients for a few days without the wives. It’s a good opportunity for us to blend our businesses as well as allow our client bases to learn about each other from people that they’ve never met before. It’s kind of like asking someone that drives the Lexus what they think after a few years of driving it, opposed to asking the car salesman.

We have always made it a point to go up to North Georgia to a place called Cannon Falls Lodge, as well as a few other private properties on the rivers up there to go fly fishing. However, we are now on the quest for something bigger and better.

We are looking to head out to do some fishing out west so we can catch the BIG rainbows, but everyone we talk to has very strong opinions about where THEY like to go… Does anyone have any relevant suggestions about where to go? There have been no consistencies in the feedback we have been getting.

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