Why do employees leave? 

My business partners and I have seen lots of companies succeed and have been strategically involved in their success which is something we live for. Unfortunately, we also see more companies fail. The largest reason companies fail is the fact that the companies cannot retain their start up talent. (The employees that make the business tick)

So, why do these people leave? Keep reading.

Companies overwork people. Nothing burns good employees out more than working them like slaves. They have lives too. Remember most employees work to live.

If you must increase how much work your talented employees are doing, you’d better increase their company status as well. Who is responsible for the company’s success?

Companies don’t recognize contributions and reward good performance. The mentality of “you’re lucky to be working here” doesn’t work anymore. Sorry to say but we are not in a recession employers.

They hire and promote the wrong people. Your employees know when you hire the wrong people and they see through the bullshit. I have seen employees threaten to leave the company, and the companies turn around and give them a raise and promotion to avoid any market back lash from a PR standpoint.

They don’t let people pursue their passions. The convenient glass ceiling. Fuck that. You need to provide your employees with a development path and a career. Not a job!

Be a good boss. Ask yourself if you’re treating your employees how they should be. Disconnect from your ego, status, and your corner office and actually listen.

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