Don’t get bit! The future is young!

Others (specifically individuals in their 40’s and older) are getting bit by this bug a lot lately and it’s pretty consistent across all industries and markets. No matter financial, government, technology, or even entertainment, this is consistent.

There are always a few people who judge books by their covers right out of the gate (old farts). Generally, this is the older generation that looks down on the 30-somethings because “we just don’t know” and “lack experience”, which I find to be the biggest crock of shit ever as myself am a 30-something who paid my own way thru college, works long hours, takes pride in my relationships, and treats the world with respect. I busted my ass and was dirt poor before I made it to where I am today, so that old fart attitude can f*ck off. 

It’s the younger generations forward thinking that is transforming the business world. It is the younger generations that are molding the tech industry. It is the younger generations that are sustaining these companies revenue streams by means of their forward thinking and aggressive sales tactics. 

This post comes from having to sit in a meeting with a businessman from Korea with his son sitting next to him. His son invented a particular technology all of the big technology companies are trying to buy and replicate. (You’ve seen it. Trust me. These big tech companies just don’t own the rights to it)

On the other side of the table was the most ignorant American businessman who said to the Korean dad and his genius inventor son, and I quote “we appreciate your dedication to your pet project but let the big boys take it from here”.

As someone who should not even have an opinion in this, I am sitting there thinking… If you’re such a big boy, why the hell didn’t you invent this?! You’re practically having to bribe a 16 year old KID and his dad for rights to his invention?! And you’re not the only one who wants to buy this damn thing… Long story short the cocky American businessman didn’t get the sale closed. 

I am sure this polite Korean man who was simply there to protect his son will be going to sell their invention to some other tech company. (Guaranteed actually)

Don’t be an ass and judge a book by its cover assuming you’re the one driving the boat, just because you’re older than whoever you’re talking to. Remember, that fancy iPhone and all of the convenient technologies you use were all invented by those younger ones that are shaping the future of industry and technology. 

Oh by the way… the Korean business man (kid’s dad) was late 30’s and they flew in on their G5 the night before our meeting with their attorneys.

Mr. American businessman (who was well into his 60’s) drove his Kia Sorento home that evening after losing the sale.

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