Be kind! Especially to your pilot!

This morning me and one of my business partners are leaving for a day trip. We both pull up to the FBO (airport) at about the same time and we wait inside while they fuel up our jet. We are very blessed and are lucky enough to fly private for our business trips usually.

As we are waiting inside the terminal like a normal passenger, then this arrogant prick walks in the door… He looks like the kind of guy that would be offering you lotion or perfume samples at a kiosk in the mall. Leaves his car running at the entrance of the terminal, walks straight through the terminal, out the back door, and on to another jet that is waiting on the tarmac. The kind of guy that when he walks you immediately hear a techno beat in your mind because he is always suspiciously walking to some beat. Total D-bag.

My business partner and I laugh out loud along with the entire internal staff of the FBO. Everyone is dying laughing and we are all sharing the same sentiments with each other about his actions.

Four pilots walk out of some back room and walk into the waiting area and call our names. The other two pilots are for Mr. Free Lotion Samples. The other two pilots ask where he is, and the front desk lady goes…

“He’s out in that jet parked on the side of the tarmac. The one that’s broken down from last night.”

Pilot’s reply “How did he get in there?!”

Everyone in the terminal now bursts into laughter and tell the two other pilots the story about him and how we walked in and how he treated the staff.

Pilot’s reply “Well, f*ck him. He can wait. Hell, that’s not even the jet we are taking! That ones in for repair! When he comes back inside and checks in, we will help him!”

Twenty minutes passes and we head out to OUR jet, take off, and are on our merry way. On our trips we generally all try to talk to the pilots and converse a bit. They’re people too, so we like to learn about them. We keep a good steady conversation going with these guys for about 45 minutes, and then this!

The co-pilot looks over and goes “Remember that asshole from the FBO?”

All ears perk up… He tells us that this guy finally got out of the jet after a tug came and pulled the aircraft over to the repair shop for service. He missed his ACTUAL flight. The two pilots that were still at the FBO, took his lack of check in as a no show, and they jumped on another flight to charter!

This goes to show you. No matter who you are. How higher and mighty you might be. Treat others with respect! It doesn’t matter if you’re the guy driving the fuel truck, the tug driver, the pilot, the receptionist, or the valet. Treat others with respect.

We are all in this together, and your entitled bullshit attitude will only backfire on you. 

Be humble and be kind!

As for the passenger from hell… Go back to offering free lotion samples at the mall. Shitty things happen to shitty people. 

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