Musical Appreciation – Not what you think!

In our group of friends, we are lucky enough to have several of them who are in actively touring bands and many more that are simply retired from the game. While we have maintained these relationships with them for years in all different genres of music, there has been one consistent variable for all of them which has been an issue… Family.

As paying consumers, we see the musical performance (concert) we would like to see, or we get the CD (download) that we pay for. We do not see the behind the scenes struggle of what it actually takes and the sacrifice that these touring musicians put up with to go on tour and be with their “fans”. For us, for months at a time we go without hearing from our closest friends, simply because their life is consumed by putting on a performance. These guys leave their families for months, to only return for a few days between legs of a tour and then head right back out. They miss birthdays, anniversaries, they miss growing their lives with their significant other, they miss everything.

They sacrifice their personal lives to make sure they empower our lives and provide us with something that brings us joy as the listener (consumer).

With this being said, do you think it’s right that we don’t support these people?

Go out. Find a good new band. Support those who empower your lives and bring you joy!

When you don’t go out and support what WE like as a community/society, we end up with train wreck shit-holes like Miley Cyrus that are a PR gamble for record labels to simply get easy publicity. We don’t need another Miley Cyrus.


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