This “Must Have” for Everyone!

So, if anyone knows us they’ll quickly figure out that we like a few things…

Cars, Planes, Guns, Golf, Fishing, Watches, and… Gadgets. Oh my Heavens the gadgets! We love things that make our lives better/easier, as most of us want to spend more of our time doing the stuff we love.

Recently, we stumbled across these and we absolutely love them. Snap Power


These guys literally, took a standard receptacle cover plate, and embedded LED’s with a light sensor so when it gets dark, they automatically come on! The best part, they’re literally EFFORTLESS to install. (Seriously, go check them out… )

These are great for lighting a hallway, or even using in the kitchen for your countertop receptacles. We have kids that are always playing with night lights, so this solves that problem pretty good and quick for us, plus they light up the kitchen countertops extremely well!

Hope you all enjoy these as much as we have around our homes!

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