Who and Why?

Like you read in our About Us, we are simply a group of buddies that all love life, and we hope to share our experiences with the world, as we have a pretty diverse group of friends with hilarious stories and amazing finds.

Let me start by telling you about myself. I am in my early thirties and run a large international communications company. I have an amazing wife and a daughter who is bossier beyond her years (the wife too for that matter). We live in an affluent suburb in Georgia where housewives and country clubs rule all.

Our group of friends include a very diverse bunch, some of which are public figures, professional athletes, so i will simply provide them with nick-names for the sake of not pissing any of them off.

  • Nasty D – Professional Golf Caddie
  • The Hof – Pro Baseball Player
  • Arthur – Legendary Golf Coach
  • Hakim – President & CEO
  • Sampson – Director of Sales for a  Major Pharma Company
  • Janny – Director of Human Resources for Fortune 500

These are the fools who will be contributing to this page, and sharing some fun insight into our lives including rare finds, our favorite gadgets, and some good f*cked up stories!

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