Why do employees leave? 

My business partners and I have seen lots of companies succeed and have been strategically involved in their success which is something we live for. Unfortunately, we also see more companies fail. The largest reason companies fail is the fact that the companies cannot retain their start up talent. (The employees that make the business tick)

So, why do these people leave? Keep reading.

Companies overwork people. Nothing burns good employees out more than working them like slaves. They have lives too. Remember most employees work to live.

If you must increase how much work your talented employees are doing, you’d better increase their company status as well. Who is responsible for the company’s success?

Companies don’t recognize contributions and reward good performance. The mentality of “you’re lucky to be working here” doesn’t work anymore. Sorry to say but we are not in a recession employers.

They hire and promote the wrong people. Your employees know when you hire the wrong people and they see through the bullshit. I have seen employees threaten to leave the company, and the companies turn around and give them a raise and promotion to avoid any market back lash from a PR standpoint.

They don’t let people pursue their passions. The convenient glass ceiling. Fuck that. You need to provide your employees with a development path and a career. Not a job!

Be a good boss. Ask yourself if you’re treating your employees how they should be. Disconnect from your ego, status, and your corner office and actually listen.

Un-Friend People. Do it.

Nasty-D and I were talking about this the other day, and from both of our perspectives, it is quite accurate. Nasty-D is a few years younger than me, but we both grew up in the same part of town, with the same types of people.

Look at the people in your high school and college that were addicted to each other. I’m sure for everyone there’s that one group of bitchy stick up the ass idiots in your life. This applies to men and women, doesn’t matter trust me.

Look at those people now, in your late twenties and early thirties.. They don’t look so hot anymore do they? They likely have the same group of friends, thrive for that same interaction, with the same people, doing the same things, making the same salary, making the same decisions, with the same consequences and outcomes. Sounds thrilling doesn’t it? Not so much.

I spent my time in high school as well as college distancing myself from these people for the sole fact that i had one goal in mind, to live a financially independent life and not have my wants of today negatively impact my wants of next year. I sacrificed a few years of partying in college, for decades of freedom. That also meant un-friending some of those people that simply brought me down in life. I look back and i do miss some of the dumb things i used to do, but would i give up all this that i have now, for some stupid stuff 15 years ago? Not so much. A phase of your life should determine the rest of your life.

Nasty-D was the same way. Graduated high school early, graduated college early, and is now working his ass off making TONS of money doing something he loves. All because he sacrificed all of the social bullshit in high school and college, to succeed later in life.

Don’t lose sight of your goals and what you REALLY want out of life.

Don’t get bit! The future is young!

Others (specifically individuals in their 40’s and older) are getting bit by this bug a lot lately and it’s pretty consistent across all industries and markets. No matter financial, government, technology, or even entertainment, this is consistent.

There are always a few people who judge books by their covers right out of the gate (old farts). Generally, this is the older generation that looks down on the 30-somethings because “we just don’t know” and “lack experience”, which I find to be the biggest crock of shit ever as myself am a 30-something who paid my own way thru college, works long hours, takes pride in my relationships, and treats the world with respect. I busted my ass and was dirt poor before I made it to where I am today, so that old fart attitude can f*ck off. 

It’s the younger generations forward thinking that is transforming the business world. It is the younger generations that are molding the tech industry. It is the younger generations that are sustaining these companies revenue streams by means of their forward thinking and aggressive sales tactics. 

This post comes from having to sit in a meeting with a businessman from Korea with his son sitting next to him. His son invented a particular technology all of the big technology companies are trying to buy and replicate. (You’ve seen it. Trust me. These big tech companies just don’t own the rights to it)

On the other side of the table was the most ignorant American businessman who said to the Korean dad and his genius inventor son, and I quote “we appreciate your dedication to your pet project but let the big boys take it from here”.

As someone who should not even have an opinion in this, I am sitting there thinking… If you’re such a big boy, why the hell didn’t you invent this?! You’re practically having to bribe a 16 year old KID and his dad for rights to his invention?! And you’re not the only one who wants to buy this damn thing… Long story short the cocky American businessman didn’t get the sale closed. 

I am sure this polite Korean man who was simply there to protect his son will be going to sell their invention to some other tech company. (Guaranteed actually)

Don’t be an ass and judge a book by its cover assuming you’re the one driving the boat, just because you’re older than whoever you’re talking to. Remember, that fancy iPhone and all of the convenient technologies you use were all invented by those younger ones that are shaping the future of industry and technology. 

Oh by the way… the Korean business man (kid’s dad) was late 30’s and they flew in on their G5 the night before our meeting with their attorneys.

Mr. American businessman (who was well into his 60’s) drove his Kia Sorento home that evening after losing the sale.

Try talking WITH someone!

Try talking with someone. Really, with someone. Not just at them, and have them reply with their thoughts, after you have spewed our your bullshit.

You hear all of these conversations all day around the office, and some people are better at digesting the force feeding of information than others. Most of the time when people start to feel like they’re being force fed this information, they buckle up and put up their communication walls. Then opposed to communicating, the “conversation” turns into a ping-pong match of bullshit and passive aggressive comments.

There are certain individuals in business you KNOW you have to communicate with certain ways in order to push through the sale, to progress the conversation, and so on. Those personalities are relevant in our personal lives as well, and if we are more mindful of them we will likely be better off.

Even if the other person is total bag of dicks that lacks all inherent human logic, have them talk it out and see where they’re coming from. Chances are you’ll let them talk themselves out of their bullshit web of beliefs, or you’ll find a new way of looking at things!

What. The. F*ck! This is business!

Overall, I personally try to be a very fair person. It’s not a matter of what’s right or wrong, but what’s fair in life that generally makes people the most happy. Most of the time that’s a compromise between the two. Similar to the verbiage that there’s two sides to every story, and then there’s what’s in the middle.

Long story short(er), over the past few months Hakim (CEO / Pres) of a large company have been talking to better understand what’s happening in the market place with our business verticals we are chasing and how we can be more effective and be better stewards of our employees.

In our markets (financial) in particular compensation packages have become so aggressive for individuals that you can literally take your annual salary and multiply it by 3 at the end of the year because of how much revenue you will generate. This allows the companies to make absolute sh*t tons of good revenue (and profit) and also allows the employees to live like kings! The owner’s take their fair share, dont get me wrong.. But at the end of the day it is a win-win for everyone involved.

As of late, Hakim has been getting nailed because he sees almost no value in paying his employees like this to allow them to be successful and life a comfortable life. Ultimately, there is a “sweet spot” in his business market that really caps out their employees. Not that you COULDN’T make more money, but why would you try harder and bust ass for longer hours is the compensation only allowed you to come out with “X” or a certain variation of “X”. Literally, his employees sit there and manage what they sell and bring to the table so that they hit their “sweet spot” and nothing more, because it makes no sense to. If you make 100K more, you’re going to get nailed on taxes on the other side, and then your incentive package get’s tighter.

Our firm does not operate like this, nor do we believe in capping anyone performance wise. Technically, there isn’t a cap at Hakim’s place, but where’s the incentive to bring more business to the table when the ROI (return on investment) is shit once you hit a certain point?

Far too often companies look at their employees like commodities that can be replaced, that are “lucky to have a job”, and so on. That is a relevant way to look at employees if you are working at McDonalds and you’re the master of the frying station but likely, even the person at McDonalds wants to advance into a career path. When you have employees bringing in clients ranging from 250K – 10M, you really need to lose that mentality as a business owner / operator of the company. THAT is the kind of mentality that drives employees away and ultimately retards the growth path of a companies potential revenue stream. Businesses have momentum in their revenue cycles, and you need to be able to capitalize on those, and allow your employees to capitalize on those.

If you are in the position to instill a positive growth mentality weather is be professionally or personally, do it. Nobody every grew a company by letting incentives fall behind, or be treating the employees this way. Weather you think you are or not, i suggest you disconnect from you position for a day, and put yourself in the shoes of those who actually make your business or operation tick. You sit in an office and “watch the books”… Not to be a d*ck, but there’s 23 year old business majors that can ” watch the books” fresh out of college with how these kids are coming out of school now. Are YOU the one developing the business, developing the relationships, sacrificing your life, your family, your time, for the well being and common goal of building the company?

If you’re the one that’s “watching the books”, likely not…

Look at it like this… The CEO of an Airline walks into the room like a cocky asshole, and tells the Pilot who is about to fly the plane, “This is MY Airline”… What’s the Pilot’s response going to be? “Well, then fly YOUR OWN f*cking plane”….

Don’t be told to fly your own f*cking plane. Disconnect and listen.

Remember, this is business. For everyone.

Be kind! Especially to your pilot!

This morning me and one of my business partners are leaving for a day trip. We both pull up to the FBO (airport) at about the same time and we wait inside while they fuel up our jet. We are very blessed and are lucky enough to fly private for our business trips usually.

As we are waiting inside the terminal like a normal passenger, then this arrogant prick walks in the door… He looks like the kind of guy that would be offering you lotion or perfume samples at a kiosk in the mall. Leaves his car running at the entrance of the terminal, walks straight through the terminal, out the back door, and on to another jet that is waiting on the tarmac. The kind of guy that when he walks you immediately hear a techno beat in your mind because he is always suspiciously walking to some beat. Total D-bag.

My business partner and I laugh out loud along with the entire internal staff of the FBO. Everyone is dying laughing and we are all sharing the same sentiments with each other about his actions.

Four pilots walk out of some back room and walk into the waiting area and call our names. The other two pilots are for Mr. Free Lotion Samples. The other two pilots ask where he is, and the front desk lady goes…

“He’s out in that jet parked on the side of the tarmac. The one that’s broken down from last night.”

Pilot’s reply “How did he get in there?!”

Everyone in the terminal now bursts into laughter and tell the two other pilots the story about him and how we walked in and how he treated the staff.

Pilot’s reply “Well, f*ck him. He can wait. Hell, that’s not even the jet we are taking! That ones in for repair! When he comes back inside and checks in, we will help him!”

Twenty minutes passes and we head out to OUR jet, take off, and are on our merry way. On our trips we generally all try to talk to the pilots and converse a bit. They’re people too, so we like to learn about them. We keep a good steady conversation going with these guys for about 45 minutes, and then this!

The co-pilot looks over and goes “Remember that asshole from the FBO?”

All ears perk up… He tells us that this guy finally got out of the jet after a tug came and pulled the aircraft over to the repair shop for service. He missed his ACTUAL flight. The two pilots that were still at the FBO, took his lack of check in as a no show, and they jumped on another flight to charter!

This goes to show you. No matter who you are. How higher and mighty you might be. Treat others with respect! It doesn’t matter if you’re the guy driving the fuel truck, the tug driver, the pilot, the receptionist, or the valet. Treat others with respect.

We are all in this together, and your entitled bullshit attitude will only backfire on you. 

Be humble and be kind!

As for the passenger from hell… Go back to offering free lotion samples at the mall. Shitty things happen to shitty people. 

Dirty Panties!? C’mon!

We typically try to host a happy hour once a month for our friends at our house, and typically each month it hops from house to house. Regardless of where it is, it provides all of us with an opportunity to get together and simply catch up.

As of recent weeks, it has become quite the priority for us to make time for our friends and catch up. Many of us are spread pretty thin as soon as Thanksgiving hits. We all end up having to go to multiple houses every day, spend time with relatives we don’t like, and eat food that tastes like the ass end of a cardboard box.

So, last night was our night! We invited Arthur (The Golf Pro) and his lady friend over for a hang, and it generally is a pretty good time, so why not!?

Arthur and his lady have a long history. Long. Literally too long to type. Just know that they’re both fucking nuts. Literally.

They get over to our house around 3PM and we start off with some cocktails, pool, games, etc. Typical drunk people things, that drunk people do. The evening progressed, and we start noticing that these two start disappearing sporadically. Like Arthur will go take a sh*t, theeeen his lady friend will go refill her drink. Apparently, the only one getting a refill was Arthur’s lady friend.

At the end of the evening, we send them home. (They live in the neighborhood so it’s walking distance)

This morning i wake up and pick up from the night before and disinfect the shame that Arthur and his woman may have left in our house. I am vacuuming the basement, which is my typical weekend activity. Take an energy pill and go “Rain Man” on the cleaning. As i am cleaning i find a pair of shame filled panties crammed in a corner in our pool room. They’re discretely lodged behind a chair. Initially i think it’s one of the dog’s toys, for the sole fact that they’re bright pink and blue.

We call Arthur.. Turns out.. They’re his lady friend’s. I pick them up while wearing rubber dish washing gloves, and throw them in the garbage.

(Fast forward 3 hours)

I finish cleaning and am about to start taking out the garbage, so i make my rounds and start hitting up all of the waste baskets in all of the bathrooms (where the whore-ish evidence was disposed of a few hours ago). However, now when i return to the bathroom there are no panties. Still all of the general garbage is in there, but the brightly colored stripper girl panties i found aren’t. Being the typical guy i am i say “f*ck it”, i think no more of it, and move on with my day.

(Fast forward another 2 hours)

I am now picking up the back yard. We have a very large dog who takes sh*ts the size of a Clydesdale. Literally, it’s mind boggling when you see what this animal can produce. As i am picking up the poop in the back yard i notice this brightly colored turd i am wrestling. It wont come off of the pooper-scooper…. Because i have now stabbed THROUGH and SNAGGED the lace panties that our dog ate out of the trash, and NOW has shit out into MY damn back yard.

While i am disgusted that our dog ate these, i am also pleased that he disposed of them in the backyard. While covered in dog shit, i am sure that’s the cleanest those panties have ever been.

This is the dysfunction we live with. If it’s not our idiot friends, it’s the idiot dog.

Know YOUR value. Be a Lion!

Too many times, more so than not we lose sight of our own worth.

Your main motivation and goal in life should always be you. Whatever defines “you” is up for definition, but your main drive is in life should be you. Whatever “you” is. “You” can be defined a million different ways, but for us it is primarily whatever encompasses our family & friends.

Know that putting “you” first will only result in a fruitful and lucrative life.

Anyone that tells you different, doesn’t understand, and they likely work a shitty 9-5 job slaving away for “the man”.

In a world full of sheep, be a lion. Lions don’t worry about the opinions of sheep.

Musical Appreciation – Not what you think!

In our group of friends, we are lucky enough to have several of them who are in actively touring bands and many more that are simply retired from the game. While we have maintained these relationships with them for years in all different genres of music, there has been one consistent variable for all of them which has been an issue… Family.

As paying consumers, we see the musical performance (concert) we would like to see, or we get the CD (download) that we pay for. We do not see the behind the scenes struggle of what it actually takes and the sacrifice that these touring musicians put up with to go on tour and be with their “fans”. For us, for months at a time we go without hearing from our closest friends, simply because their life is consumed by putting on a performance. These guys leave their families for months, to only return for a few days between legs of a tour and then head right back out. They miss birthdays, anniversaries, they miss growing their lives with their significant other, they miss everything.

They sacrifice their personal lives to make sure they empower our lives and provide us with something that brings us joy as the listener (consumer).

With this being said, do you think it’s right that we don’t support these people?

Go out. Find a good new band. Support those who empower your lives and bring you joy!

When you don’t go out and support what WE like as a community/society, we end up with train wreck shit-holes like Miley Cyrus that are a PR gamble for record labels to simply get easy publicity. We don’t need another Miley Cyrus.


This “Must Have” for Everyone!

So, if anyone knows us they’ll quickly figure out that we like a few things…

Cars, Planes, Guns, Golf, Fishing, Watches, and… Gadgets. Oh my Heavens the gadgets! We love things that make our lives better/easier, as most of us want to spend more of our time doing the stuff we love.

Recently, we stumbled across these and we absolutely love them. Snap Power


These guys literally, took a standard receptacle cover plate, and embedded LED’s with a light sensor so when it gets dark, they automatically come on! The best part, they’re literally EFFORTLESS to install. (Seriously, go check them out… )

These are great for lighting a hallway, or even using in the kitchen for your countertop receptacles. We have kids that are always playing with night lights, so this solves that problem pretty good and quick for us, plus they light up the kitchen countertops extremely well!

Hope you all enjoy these as much as we have around our homes!